Art of Fighting The Enemy

The fact of human life is that nothing is ever permanent. The truth stares at you on the face only when you are faced with the startling jolt like that of cancer. Until such time we tend to be in pursuit of happiness in external and materialistic things. Life is too busy and we do not know how the days pass. Only when we are faced with such a traumatic reality like cancer that we find our world turning topsy turvey. Then the days begin to slow down. Suddenly we start seeing things differently, viewing life differently. Days and nights become longer and we are aware of every moment passing by. Life then becomes precious.
Acceptance of the fact that one has cancer takes a while. For most mothers who become victims of breast cancer, the first fear and concern is towards her children and family. The inborn instinct of being the mother takes over and the person forgets to think of herself. At the second stage getting well and fighting cancer becomes the most important battle of life for she wants to live for the sake of her family and for her sake too.

It is not always that people accept this fact and move on in life. Not many people are strong willed to make up their mind to fight the disease with all their resolve. The doctors will tell you that along with medication what helps is the co-operation and the strong will of the patient to want to fight the disease. This is a must for any treatment to be effective.

Those who are not very strong willed may take a while to come out of the shock and find their thinking feet again. Such people are bound to be emotionally vulnerable. At this point of time what helps is the security blanket of relationships and family around them. Especially the emotional relationships that they share with a few members of the family can be the influencing factor from where they can seek the required emotional courage and strength to be able to bear the situation and to fight it out.

Yet there is another third group of people who we can say are intellectually and spiritually more evolved that most of us the normal individuals. Often we hear of stories of wise grandmothers who lived by their intuition and had the unshakable courage to stand like a rock and face all troubles and triumphs of life. Such people are beyond their body consciousness and often possess the awareness of them being a soul. Such people look at their body as a temple or similar to that of a machine which needs to be maintained. They accept cancer to be a natural consequence similar to the breakdown of any part of a vehicle due to normal wear and tear. The thought process towards treatment is quite positive in that they will do everything possible to cure the body and co-operate with the doctors. However their sense of identity and happiness does not come from their physical state of well being or sickness. They are not unusually bothered about any physical harm or disease for they think that everything is transitory.

Each one of us has a different kind of make up and a level of self realization. Our mental makeup follows a certain type or trend of assimilating external information, processing it and reacting. What is notable about human thought process is that with counseling it is possible to change the thought process and achieve a mental paradigm shift.

Therefore for each one of us when threatened with a situation like cancer, it is important that we connect with support groups and counsel ling sessions to arrive at the right perspective of ourselves, our life and how to deal with it.

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