Erectile dysfunction (a common sexual problem)

Problems are the part of our life. We should face them manfully. In the past, people had some resource to solve their problem but now there are a lot of solutions for a problem. Same is the case with health problems. Scientists have made many medicines for the treatment of different health problems. A person mainly gets common health problems like flu, cough and diarrhea but some time it does not happen. Some sexual problems are very common in men and many people get them. One of these sexual problems is erectile dysfunction. This sexual problem is musty get by those people who like to eat food from restaurants. The food present there contains a large amount of fats and oils. These things in the body start to deposit on the walls of arteries and stop the flow of blood. As a result, the blood flow does not increase of user in sexually stimulated state. In a normal person, it does not happen and blood flow becomes high in sexually excited state. This high blood flow is very necessary for the sexual activity and to get an erected and hard penis.

Lee us talk about the use of Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cialis does two works in a human body. First it increases the activity of a special enzyme which regulates the blood flow through the arteries. Besides, it also increases the elasticity of arteries and increases the blood flow. Cialis is taken through oral cavity 1 hour before the sexual activity. You should keep in mind that it can only give you erection when you are sexually excited. Without this, blood flow will not increase through the arteries of penis.

If you want to use Cialis then you should have knowledge about its side effects. Side effects not necessarily affect the user. It depends upon the health of user that whether the prescribed dose is helpful for him or not. Most of the side effects are caused by the wrong use of Cialis. Now I shall tell you about the common and uncommon side effects. The common side effects of Cialis are headache, muscles aches, facial flushing and dizziness etc. The chances of getting common side effects are 1 out of 100. Most of the side effects are got by the wrong use of Cialis. Try to follow your doctor’s advice during Cialis medication. The uncommon side effects are heart attack, chest pain, loss of hearing and loss of vision. Take an immediate help from the Para medical staff if you are feeling uncomfortable after the use of Cialis.

Use the prescribed dose of Cialis for the treatment of ED. 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg are the doses which are available in market. You can buy any of them at cheap rate from any chemist shop. Besides, many websites are selling Cialis at cheap rate with free home delivery. You can use their service to get Cialis. The main advantage of buying Cialis from online shops is that you will get the original Cialis from there.