Home Remedies for Denture Pain

Denture sure enhances the aesthetics but, they also cause pain in the soft tissues of the mouth. The old denture wearers get accustomed to the use of denture and so they might experience the pain but, the new denture wearers feel a lot of difficulties in getting adapted to the new prosthetic. Sometimes, faulty dentures too cause a lot of pain in the mouth.

Dentures can lead to pain and swelling in gums, white patches to due to fungal infection, redness and sores in gum, dry mouth, et al.

The best way to deal with it is to wear a proper fitting denture and to main oral hygiene. But, when nothing seems to help, you can try the following remedies for denture pain.

1. Salt

Salt is an amazing remedy to help in denture pain. It arrests the growth of bacteria in the mouth and does not let mouth sores to occur. It is the easiest remedy for denture pain.

For this, you need to remove your denture and massage your gums with salt for some seconds and finally, rinse your mouth with warm water.

Follow this remedy once a day in order to get relief from dental pain.

There is an alternative remedy too. Take half to one teaspoon of salt and add it to one glass lukewarm water. Now, rinse your mouth with it. Follow this remedy twice a day.

2. Figs

Figs are effective in giving you relief from denture pain. They help in bringing down pain as well as swelling.

Cut a fig into two pieces. Put half in between your cheek and sore gums. The inner part of the fig must face the gums. Let it stay for some time. Spit and rinse with lukewarm water.

Repeat this remedy twice a day and your pain will gradually subside.

3. Black Tea

Black tea is rich in tannic acid which aids in eliminating pain and swelling from the gums.

Steep one tea bag in hot water for five minutes and let it cool after removing the tea bag. Place it on the affected area and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the mouth with lukewarm water.

Avoid eating or drinking anything except water during and before the treatment. Repeat the remedy one or two times a day.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties and this makes it an amazing remedy for denture pain.

Extract fresh aloe vera gel from aloe vera leaf. Blend it and apply on the painful gums with the help of cotton. Let it stay for about 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Do not eat anything for an hour. Follow the remedy two to three times a day.

5. Sage

Sage has anti- inflammatory properties. It helps in relieving denture pain.

Take one tablespoon of dried sage and boil it in a cup of water. Strain the water and let it cool. Gargle twice a day with this water and gradually the swelling will subside. Or, you can chew fresh sage leaves twice or thrice a day.