How Can Religion Help Us

Is the youth of today deeply religious? On the face of it we might well say a Yes, for most of them do profess to believe in some concept of God even if they do not go to the church or follow some other organised form of religion.

While in the eighties we have the trend of people going in for free sex and drugs more so with the disco music, today there appears a need for debate amongst the youth to discuss openly issues concerning sex and pre marital relationships. What is disturbing is the fact that it is not the youth which seems to be experimenting with sex, but it is the pre teens who are getting pregnant while in school at the tender age of twelve years or so. Earlier on too there has been curiosity amongst the children of this age which is a normal part of growing up, but the strict moral ethics and values followed at home, enforced by the parental control ensured that they did not venture beyond certain limits.

It is important for people, especially parents as well as the youth to think if we are going the right way in terms of living a free life without any moral bindings. Religion has always served the purpose of giving meaning to individual’s life as well as religion by taking it beyond the mere physical needs of procreation and showing the people how and what God meant people to do in their holy union of marriage. Marriage as an institution serves multiple purpose including providing the foundation for new souls to take birth, to be cared for and brought up with love, while at the same time the two individuals get to learn to respect and love one another as well as grow individually. The emphasise is more on the higher purposes that take the person towards positive habits and enhance his understanding of the purpose of life.

But what we see increasingly happening is that religion and moral standards of living is taking a backseat and thanks to internet and technology, we seem to be indulging more in the senses and living a more materialistic life. Pre-teen are getting exposed to unwanted adult material that is easily available on the internet and there seems to be very less control at home or any boundary to check what they are watching. Even the adults as well as the youth seem to be indulging more in abusing their bodies and senses by engaging in indiscriminate sexual relationships. When man engages in physical act of sex and overuses his body organs he finds physical energy draining out. Further continual exposure can lead to diseases. There are several men who find themselves spent and unable to achieve or sustain erection due to erectile dysfunction which can be caused by several factors. Now with Cialis coupon being available easily online they continue to find solutions to get over their problems and get on with their sex lives. In the long run mere physical relationships cannot be sustained and one cannot keep looking for new partners. It is always better to hold on to your horses and look for love and companionship in a relationship. When you look in the right direction you will certainly find the right person coming along and romance flows in. When there is love in a relationship, it makes life meaningful as well as healthy. Religion has a major role to play in guiding us to believing and looking for the higher purpose of making life meaningful and living it well.