Propecia is the best effective drug for hair loss

People who are losing hair and getting bald need not worry more as Propecia helps in brining the lost hair. Propecia is considered to be the best effective drug for hair loss. The drug should only be used by men and nor to be used by women and children.

Propecia is an androgen hormone inhibitor. The drug helps in treating the loss of hair in the front mid scalp and top of head. The drug not only helps in hair growth but also slows down hair loss. Once you start using Propecia, you can see the results in three months.

While you are given Propecia, always follow your doctor’s direction on the food and beverages that has to be taken along with the drug. You have to be careful when getting up suddenly from sitting or lying down.

The drug can be taken with food or in empty stomach. The drug has to be taken as per the doctor’s prescription and do not miss a single dosage if you want good results. Always follow the dosages very strictly; Incase you miss a dose, there is nothing to worry as it can be taken as soon as you remember it. But you should never mix two doses of Propecia. If it is time for your scheduled dosage, skip the missed one. Though an overdose of Propecia is not life threatening, you should have to call your doctor immediately if you suspect an overdose.

Before using Propecia, you should have to tell your doctor if you have any allergies related to any medicine, food or substance, including the ingredients of Propecia. It is always better to discuss with your doctor if you liver disease, prostate cancer, stricture of urethra, unable to urinate or if you have bladder muscle disorder.

Some drugs are also known to interact with Propecia. Therefore it is better to inform your doctor if you are using any medication, including prescrioption/non-prescription drugs, diet supplements, herbal medicines, minerals and vitamins.

Well, as said earlier, women and children should not use the drug. Another important thing that one has to keep in mind is that pregnant women should never come in contact with the drug. They should be careful with the broken and crushed propecia drugs as the drug is known to get absorbed through the skin.

Just like other medicines, Propecia also come withy many side effects. Rashes, itching, breast tenderness, decreased amount of semen, decreased sex drive, swelling and testicular pain are some of the side effects seen in men who use Propecia. Well, if you come across any nipple discharge, breast lumps and pain, you should have to contact your doctor without further delay as these could be signs of breast cancer. But it has been seen that only a few people are liable to such side effects. In general the drug is so safe to use.

Propecia has to be stored in room temperature, away from heat, light and moisture.